Front End Engineering Design (FEED)

LMC is often involved at the early phases of Front End Engineering Design (FEED) to support the client during the field development and conceptual stages. LMC has the capability to perform an independent assessment to determine the most suitable mooring and riser system to be deployed at a given site, taking into account such parameters as Met-ocean conditions, soil conditions, existing subsea infrastructure, and vessel and offloading parameters.

LMC can develop conceptual designs and perform feasibility studies for a range of alternative mooring systems, and through our own experience and sub-vendor contacts can provide an expert assessment of the cost and schedule and technical advantage involved with each proposal.

LMC also supports a large number of clients with the detailed design, either by performing full analyses scopes or performing third party verifications.

As well as the technical capabilities available, LMC can support our clients with project, commercial and risk based expertise for life extension studies, HAZOPs and HAZIDs.


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