LMC Swivel Design

Toroidal Swivels

  • 12” Toroid (3000psi).
  • 8” Toroid (5000psi) – in service
  • 4” Toroid (5000psi)

Inline Swivels

  • 8” Inline Swivel (3000psi) – in service
  • 8” Inline Swivel (5000psi)
  • 12” Axial Swivel (5000psi)
  • 8” Inline Swivel (435psi) – in service

Utility Swivels

  • 5 x ¾” Unit (5000psi) – in service
  • 2 x 2” Unit (5000psi)
  • 10 x ½” Unit (5000psi)
  • 3 x ½” Unit (290psi) – in service
  • 3 x ¾” Unit (1500psi) – in service

CALM Buoy Swivels

  • 2 x 6” Unit (290psi) – in service
  • 2 x 24” Unit (435psi)


Design and Supply

Due to commercial advantages LMC embarked on an in-house research and development program, starting in 2010, to fully design and supply toroidal and axial swivels to the turret market.

By offering a complete turret or buoy and swivel assembly, LMC can apply economies of scale that enable extremely competitive “turn-key” solutions considering both cost and schedule.

By incorporating an LMC-designed and fabricated swivel into its mooring solution, inherent interface issues can be much reduced, allowing for a more streamlined integration and installation. The swivel team works very closely with the mooring system team to ensure that the design iterations of the turret and swivel loadings and deflections are fully coupled between these two major components.