Power and Hydrogen charging docks
and buoys

LMC see a developing market within the industry for power and low emission fuel charging buoys. As the renewable industry develops for both the offshore industry and the marine industry there will be a requirement for buoy charging stations for the support vessels that are servicing the wind farms and other offshore installations and fields.

Marine support vessels are looking towards more fuel efficient systems, with lower emissions and greener solutions, by way of battery power and lower emission fuels, such as hydrogen and ammonia.

With an in-depth knowledge of buoy mooring systems and power and fluid transfer systems, LMC are well placed to support the industry with the design and supply of charging buoys that can enable the service vessels to berth at the field and charge when required. Not only does this reduce the requirement to return to shore by providing a secure and safe berth at the offshore site, but will also greatly reduce the emissions of CO2, nitrogen oxides and sulphur oxides.

Project Sheet

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Project Sheet