LMC provides installation engineering and support for the offshore installation of FPSO, FSO, FSRUs, FLNGs, and floating wind, wave and tidal platforms. Our engineering includes the detailed procedure and analytical calculations for the pull in, hook-up, and tensioning of the mooring system, and the pull in, hook-up and connection of the riser and power cable systems.

Projects completed range from conceptual FEED to determine best practice methods, through to detailed engineering and simulations including vessel towing, sea-keeping, pull-in and hook up operations. LMC also has a wealth of experience during offshore campaigns acting as both turret and mooring designer and as Client Representative.

LMC provides installation engineering and support for mooring, riser and power cable installation campaigns.

LMC has demonstrated it is competitive with costs and is willing to work with the clients to accommodate their needs and budgets in the current market.


LMC’s design capabilities and experience extends to transportation analysis of equipment and modules.

LMC has extensive experience in transporting items such as modules, well head platforms, jacket structures, and anchor piles from the quay side to the installation site, having performed such work for some of the biggest names in the industry.

LMC performs detailed lifting and transportation analysis for complete turrets, which are often fabricated in one yard and shipped to another. This involves complex grillage arrangements due to the acceptable loads and deflections on the turret bearing systems whilst in transit. LMC are well versed with a variety of loadout and lifting methodologies including bespoke lifting frames, Self-propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT), rail and skid beam options.


For the renewables sector, LMC perform detailed assessments of the tow of the floater to the final tower and turbine integration site, and then onwards to the final offshore installation site. Our assessments take the following forms:
• Towing procedures and protocols
• Equipment specifications
• Weather routing assessments
• Analytical assessments to define bollard pull and tug requirements
• Stability assessments


LMC support the client throughout the entire offshore installation campaign. Our engineers are BOSIET trained to enable them to attend offshore and support with live calculations and simulations of the mooring, power cable, and risers installation.

Prior to the offshore campaign LMC perform all of the simulations required to enable the procedures to be documented, and specify and detail all appertenances required to aid the installation.

LMC personnel remain on site during the testing and final commissioning of the mooring system and riser and power system integration.


LMC has a proven track record and vast experience in detailed loadout and transportation engineering including:

  • Loadout and lifting analysis
  • Sea-fastening and grillage design
  • Heavy lifting and installation engineering
  • On route barge / vessel motion analysis
  • Barge stability calculations
  • Barge / vessel on-site mooring analysis during installation campaign
  • Installation and integration design, methodologies and procedures
  • Pile driving analysis
  • Design of installation ancillaries, including pile guide frames, offshore overboard infrastructure and chutes
  • Provision of and liaison with a Marine Warranty Surveyor / Classification Society approval
  • Marine logistics management and support